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"I think, therefore I am". Descartes The Cartesian skepticism was always my life's philosophy. The main idea of this methodological skepticism developed by René Descartes. Is doubting about the t...
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Since his first speech‎ about religious and own beliefs. The famous physicist Albert Einstein aka "The Genius". Had created a huge stir between the religious society. And the atheist society. Each of ...
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موقع موسوعة الالحاد الموقع يعمل بجهود فردية بحته ولا ياخذ دعم من اى جهه او مؤسسة ، فقط يتلقى الدعم المادى من مستخدمين الموقع،موسوعة الالحاد هى موسوعة الملحدين واللادينيين العرب لتثقيف الانسان العرب...